Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thanksgiving in California: Hart Family

Along with spending time with my family we were able to hang out with Justin's family! JJ had fun visiting and playing with his cousin Makua too! Here are the pictures, not in order of course.
Memere with her two boys! memere couldn't quite get enough squishing and kissing in but she sure did try!

We were lucky enough to spend time with Memere Doris & Pepere, and Noni & Gramps, and are so grateful to have such wonderful people in our lives.
Justin's uncle Steve was in town from somewhere in northern California, Which was exciting since Justin doesn't get to see him very often.
JJ and his cousin Makua (JJ 8mos. Makua 14mos)
Justin got to play basketball with his "boys" (Taylor Holland, Brenden Gallagher, Chris Olea, David and Michael) while we hung out at the Hart's house. JJ, Makua, and Molly played together, well near each other while we watched the game

Such happy grandparents!

The things we do for a smile ;)

JJ playing... er... attacking his cousin Leighton

 (the best part of thanksgiving... well except the family of course)

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