Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thanksgiving in California: Christmas

Since we weren't going to be in California for Christmas we had our own in November, so that JJ and Makua could open presents together. First we all got dressed in our pajamas and took a picture in the train. Then JJ and Makua opened their stockings.
The next generation enjoying the Christmas tree lights.


Justin showing the boys how to play the mini piano.

after opening JJ's stocking we had some ice cream. Chocolate and peppermint, my favorite!

JJ really wanted Justin's ice cream.

Makua was "jumping" off the box into Jolie

my little Raphael

"Hey Becky, hold me up..."

"... Yeah maybe not a good idea..."

Uncle Mike just loved getting JJ to laugh!

Justin and Mike playing with JJ and Makua in the tiny house.

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