Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We Hart Christmas

Shortly after Christmas the Hart's came to visit, to spend time with us for the Holidays and New Years! While they were here we went bowling in Park City, I don't mind bowling but I am absolutley awful at it!

We also had another Christmas while they were here. JJ was very excited by all of the boxes wrapped under the tree.

Our little family with our stockings

JJ got a cheetah pillow pet (the cheetah was Justin's favorite animal growing up)

My big present was a Kindle!!! I was so surprised and excited, since then I've actually started reading a few books. I sure have missed reading.

Justin's gift was a bottle of martinelli's and money towards his book. (by the way did I mention he's working on a children's book? maybe not... it's very exciting! more details to come!!!)

Memere and Grandpa had tons of fun playing with JJ

JJ's footprint ornament we made for them.

Yet another Merry Christmas!!!
To end 2012 we went sledding at the Hugie's house.

Justin and I took the first run down the hill, and Laurie-ann followed after us.
Kim took Kayden and Jocelyn on their first run down the hill.

Kayden took JJ on a sled with Justin pulling them across the driveway.

JJ didn't seem to mind the sledding although he wasn't much for the cold. He also had an ear infection which didn't help either. 
Goodbye 2012 and hello to all the new adventures that come with 2013!!!

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